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Stripe Communications

Stripe Communications


Integrated creative communications agency delivering brand, social, PR and digital

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Stripe Communications

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We’re committed to reducing barriers so that everyone has the opportunity to succeed based on their talent, passion and commitment. We’re driven by actions, not just words – which is why we’re committed to making a difference through education, action and celebration. Throughout 2022 our focus areas are gender parity, LGBT+ equality and ethnic diversity. We’re working hard to build diversity into the fabric of our agency. Today two-thirds (67%) of our Senior Leadership Team are female and a fifth (20%) identify as LGBT+, which is reflective of the wider Stripe team. Currently 18% of our team is from a minority ethnic background, which is ahead of the UK population at 13% and Scotland’s population at 9% (2011 census). We’re on a journey to increase ethnic minority representation to 20% by 2025 through Stripe’s recruitment and retention programmes. To support this goal, we’ve launched a new long-term agency partnership with the Taylor Bennett Foundation, an award-winning charity that encourages people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds to pursue careers in communications. At Stripe we support people to fulfil their true potential so they can be the best they can be.

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