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DTV Group

DTV Group


DTV Group started in 2004 and is still owned and run by the founders. We work with 60+ NGOs and iNGOs - the big and the not so big – in over 25 countries, covering a wide range of causes from animal (WAP, Cats Protection, PDSA, WWF), to development (UNICEF, UNHCR, Concern) to medical (Sightsavers, Alzheimer’s Research, Marie Curie). We are direct marketing fundraisers who help NGOs acquire new donors through direct response television and digital video. We use film to help to inspire current donors to continue to keep giving. We work with media agencies to help NGOs manage response effectively and deliver the best results possible. DTV London is our HQ with ~50 people. We also have offices in Hong Kong, Sydney, Seoul, Vienna and New Delhi, serving our International NGO's who are based around the globe. In total, around 200 people.

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DTV Group

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‘Whatever Inspires’: it’s our strapline, it’s part of every creative brief, and it’s the ethos driving how we look after our people. From a tiny UK start-up, we’ve grown to find ourselves working in 30+ countries. There’s no secret to how we got there: listening to clients, employing fabulous people, and keeping a relentless focus on inspiration. Important too is ‘whoever inspires’. We are trying hard to translate the words diversity and inclusion into action. Quite simply, if you are interested in us, we are interested in you.

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