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Tin Man

Tin Man


We're an aware winning, straight talking PR & Comms Agency.

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Tin Man

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We’re an award-winning, straight-talking PR and comms agency. We think strategically, act creatively and craft campaigns with heart. Finding heart in everything we do is so central to who we are and what we do, it even inspired our name. Founded in 2013 by Mandy Sharp, our agency’s purpose is to use the power of emotional connections to build brands, shift attitudes and change behaviours. Why? Because making people feel something is the best way to get them to do, think or share anything. We tell our clients that emotionally engaged customers are worth twice as much to a brand than the average satisfied customer. That’s not made-up-PR-science. It’s true. Our ‘Communications With Heart’ ethos drives not only how we work with clients but also how we work with each other.

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