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f1 recruitment limited

f1 recruitment limited


f1 was founded in 2004 by Amanda Fone. Over 17 years we have built a reputation for being one of the best connected recruitment consultancies in Marketing, PR & Sports Marketing in the UK, finding careers for people here and all over the world.

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f1 recruitment limited

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f1 is focused on making a difference to the talent pipelines in the Marketing, PR and Sports Marketing sectors. The business world has changed at a speed scarcely imaginable ten years ago and since COVID-19, change has been even faster and even more dramatic. Since 2004 we have been bold about challenging the status quo for more flexible and agile working patterns, for companies to work much harder to access diverse and wider talent streams for our sector. We have been determined to help our clients achieve more gender parity and better ethnic and social balance inside their companies. We want to be proud that every business we work with has a focus on societal impact as well as profit. We have been talking about the reshaping of Capitalism to drive real societal change for many years and have invested over 40% of our annual profits every year since 2012 into our societal change programmes back2businessship and BAME2020 No Turning Back

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