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Integrated Creative and Media network

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Kings Cross, London

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Havas Group UK The Havas Group, founded in 1968, is one of the most integrated advertising and communications networks globally, with a talent pool of 20,000+ people across 100 countries. Headquartered in Paris, we operate through our four business units, Havas Media Group, Havas Creative Group, Havas Health & You and Havas CX to optimise synergies and further reinforce Havas’ position as the most integrated network of all of the major holding companies. We operate: Under one P&L, as a private company With one shared way of working With one single mission across our group To make a meaningful difference to the brands, the businesses, and the lives of the people we work with. We have 64 Havas Villages across the world each housing professionals from all disciplines - including creative, media, content, and data - who work in close collaboration under one roof, offering our clients a powerful combination of creative excellence, scale, agility and innovation. Over the last five years, we have reorganised our creative and media agencies in key markets into a client-centric (not agency) model that enables us to quickly align the right resources to a particular business challenge. We continue to pioneer the UK’s only truly integrated model within our King’s Cross Village. We remain the only network to share a single building with every other specialist business in our network, all under a single P&L – alongside a unique and unparalleled entertainment offering through our partnership with Vivendi. Working together under one roof, collaborating for and with our clients, has allowed us to create teams built around our clients’ needs, not around ours. So we can field our very best people and change our shape according to the needs of each brief we work on.

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