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Eulogy is a full-service PR and comms agency.

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Clerkenwell, London

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Summary of company mission statement

At Eulogy, we know that stories matter. In today’s fast-paced, content-crowded, and digitally driven society, connecting to people is the new premium. There’s no room for faceless businesses vying for our attention, advocacy, and brand love. We want deeper connections; we want our heartstrings pulled, more personalisation and to see ourselves in the brands we identify as having our own values. Reputation, and true and trusted relevance to the audiences they seek have never been more important tenets for brands and businesses alike. Everything we see, hear and experience determines what we believe. It defines moments and memories. It turns connecting into connection. It shapes where we’ve been, who we are and what we’ll become. That’s what we do; we ensure our clients and colleagues are seen, heard, and known for the things that matter the most. Eulogy; be known. At Eulogy we believe in: 1. The power of strong relationships; built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. 2. Equality for everyone, regardless of their background, experience, or status. 3. A nurturing and inclusive environment; it’s the responsibility of every single one of us to create and maintain, for the benefit of all. 4. Professionalism and playfulness going hand in hand; we work hard and take our work seriously, but we’re also serious about enjoying what we do and making the experience of being at Eulogy as exciting and energising as possible. And at Eulogy we are known for: • Being ambitious - Pushing ourselves, our team, and our clients to be the best we can. • Being brave - Never settling with comfort. Always going further in our quest for brilliance. • Being curious - Relentlessly exploring, discovering, and understanding our industry, our clients, each other, and the world around us. • Being honest - No bullshit. No spin. Telling it like it is. • Being loyal - Giving constant support to colleagues and clients because that’s the foundation on which our gang is built. • Being proud - Of ourselves and each other. Every success is a shared success, and we celebrate whatever its scale.

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