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A marketing platform for ambitious brands and agencies.

Number of employees

15ppl - 20ppl

Location of company head office

W1, London

Company Website


Summary of company mission statement

Creativebrief is where brands and agencies come together to make the industry’s most powerful and recognisable work. We simplify the way both parties build industry knowledge, gain inspiration, monitor trends and make connections. This is delivered through a unique mix of technology, content and expert advice. Over 2,350 brand marketers from over 1,075 brands are engaged weekly within our community to drive cultures of curiosity, look outward, and stay in touch with the most impactful work, trends and agencies in the market around them. 150+ of the UK’s leading agencies use Creativebrief to showcase their work and thought leadership to our captive brand audience. Another considerable part of Creativebrief’s business is our face-to-face consultancy with brands. In recent years we have handled more agency reviews than ever for big name brands such as Starbucks, Virgin Atlantic, Chelsea FC, Finlandia Vodka, Lloyd’s Banking Group, Lidl, Moet Hennessy, Fever Tree and many more. On top of this, we aim to set a progressive industry agenda and are becoming an increasingly provocative, disruptive and modernising voice. Despite the obvious challenges of 2020, last year saw some exciting steps forward with the launch of our new tech platform and some significant hires. To see more about what we do, visit

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