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Audience Research Assistant x 5

Audience Research Assistant x 5

Job Introduction

We need you in our Audience Research department! We are looking for five bright, motivated individuals, who can bring something new to the BBC. Our department is at the heart of everything we do here and by joining as a Research Assistant you will get to experience first-hand the variety of what we do.

This year, we’re recruiting for four roles based in our London offices, and one role based in our Salford office. Each is an 18 month contract starting in summer 2021 and running until early 2023. Our Research Assistants have gone on to do brilliant things, whether it’s a career at the BBC or beyond into the commercial world.

What does a Research Assistant do?

Our Research Assistants get to experience first-hand the variety of tools we use to tell the business about the audience. Have you ever wondered how we know how successful Match Of The Day is, or why we want to bring back BBC Three?

We know this because we use all sorts of things to help us. For example there are industry data sets like BARB that tell us about TV viewing behaviour. We have trackers that tell us what our audience likes. Sometimes we don’t have answers to hand so we commission research to find out. We like to know all there is about our wonderful audience. We are passionate about making the BBC a more relevant place that reflects the diversity of the UK today.

What happens to all this information?

All of the things we learn are shared with important teams that then go on to make the content, decide what goes on the channels or services, or promote it to audiences. We get involved in a wide variety of decisions. Sometimes we forget how much influence we have!

This is what Aled Haydn Jones, Head of Radio 1 had to say about our department:

“BBC Audiences are so important to all of us in BBC Radio, and especially to a station like Radio 1 that needs to keep in step with the needs and interests of a young audience. Their help in bringing our audience to life in ways that we can act on creatively is invaluable. Plus, with Radio 1 being available in so many places, the Audiences team help us understand what’s working where, and why, through a range of datasets that are increasingly built into dashboards, for people like me to use. If you’d like the opportunity to help shape BBC brands and services, get in touch!”

What makes a good Research Assistant?

All sorts of qualities and no two Research Assistants are the same. Are you curious? Do you like to know what makes people tick? Do you enjoy looking for patterns in data? Are you passionate about media content? This may well be the job for you!

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