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Operational Assistant (PHD UK)

Operational Assistant (PHD UK)


Are you looking to kick start your career within the media planning industry?

We don’t expect you to have any previous media-related work experience – what we’re looking for is a real passion for the world of media and a hardworking, enthusiastic attitude.




This role is focused on financial and campaign administrative tasks to support the digital media investment teams. These teams plan and buy advertising campaigns for PHD’s clients with digital suppliers including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as search terms and programmatic activity. These new roles (we are recruiting two Digital Operations Assistants) will support these teams in administrative tasks and ensure that they are performed with focus and accuracy. The successful candidates will need to learn a variety of processes and systems to succeed. They will sit within our newly created operational hub but report directly into the digital investment teams and work with a variety of different people and on different accounts.


What you’ll be doing

·        Setting up campaigns in the finance platforms

·        Booking planned media spends in the finance systems

·        Vouching bookings and reconciling monthly delivered spends

·        Helping to resolve any financial queries should they arise

·        Producing digital specifications worksheets

·        Chasing creative assets and digital copy

·        Using platforms to build digital taxonomy

·        Checking that taxonomy has been implemented correctly and amending where required

· Pulling reports to check campaign delivery or to provide information to clients



We’re moving away from using CVs and now ask you to answer 4 questions instead.

If you’re interested in this role, please email your answers to the following 4 questions directly to with the Job Title in the subject line


1) Tell us about a time when you have demonstrated a high level of accuracy and focus when working on a task.

·       What was the situation?

·       How did you demonstrate this?

·       What steps did you take to assist you with this?

·       What challenges did you face?


2) You have been assigned a project by a senior member of your team on a subject area that you have little experience in. Your colleague provided you with a briefing pack, which left you reassured that you had sufficient information. However, now that you have begun working on the project you are unsure how to proceed and a deadline is approaching. What are your next steps to ensure that the project is completed to a sufficient standard?


3) You work on a request from a client which involves compiling information on what their competitors are spending within media channels. You send it to the client and you receive the below email back:

‘Thanks for this but the report doesn’t look correct to me – please check again and send the correct information. Regards”

You check the report again yourself as well as double checking with your line manager, and the report is in fact correct. How do you respond to the client?


4) As a new starter to the business, you have been provided with instructions on the processes used to perform each task. The process described for one of the more complex tasks appears to be very long-winded and will likely require you to work late to complete. You believe that there may be more efficient ways to complete the task that will allow you to finish early. There may however be another reason for the business using this approach. How do you proceed?



From our comprehensive development programme to mentoring and on the job experiences, we’ll provide you with lively and stimulating learning to help you develop and progress your career. We marry this with a regular appraisal, that includes 360 feedback and on-going career catch-ups to discuss how you’re doing.


In addition, your overall wellbeing and happiness is one of our top priorities. We created our own bespoke programme of various activities and workshops to help support good health including massages, manicures/pedicures – you can even get your hair done (once we’re back in the building that is)!


Other great benefits include free breakfasts and fruit, 27 days annual leave, contributory pension scheme, private medical insurance, and a lot more!


Salary: £20,000 (increase after 6months)

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