NoTurningBack2020® was launched at Google offices in July 2016  with a simple commitment;

to inspire action inside  the UK PR, Communications, Marketing & Sports Marketing sector to work towards

  • 20% of the total young talent that enters our industry each year to come from black,Asian, minority ethnic backgrounds and for  this talent stays in our sector until
  • 20% of leadership roles are represented by black, Asian, minority ethnic talent

This is a watershed year for Inclusivity in our Sector.

Brought to you by BAME2020, Brands with Values and f1 Recruitment

Crucial to disrupting the current status quo is to create cultures of inclusion. Using values-based frameworks that enable leaders to measure, manage and monitor the inclusive culture of their business will lead to much greater accountability.

Becoming an Ambassador Organisation for NoTurningBack2020® shows that your  business  is committed to sustainable change and is on the journey towards creating an inclusive and  level playing field for your black, Asian, minority ethnic employees and future employees.

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BAME2020/NoTurningBack2020® is a long term programme committed to sustainable change. Founders Amanda Fone CEO of f1 recruitment and Adrian Walcott Co Founder of Brands with Values have been leading the movement with a focus on action not words since our launch in July 2016.  In 2020 our movement became NoTurningBack2020®.


At  our events ‘ Let’s be bold about the subject of Race’,  brave black, Asian, minority ethnic  professionals talk openly about their love of our sector but their lack of belief in being able to ‘develop their careers inside it’.   Recently we have had CEO’s of some of the leading Marketing /PR / Activation agencies and Comms Directors of leading brands stand up in front of packed rooms of white and black, Asian, minority ethnic professionals opening up about their frustrations and vulnerabilities on the  how to make change happen inside  their businesses.  They understand  why change is needed but lack a road map  to create that change.


We know that keeping black, Asian, minority ethnic  talent in our sector is crucial. There has been progress  and success in bringing in  great talent  at entry level. But then we watch it fall out  within 3 to 8 years.  Both the IPA and the CIPR evidence the attrition rate of black, Asian, minority ethnic talent.


The NoTurningBack2020®  young ambassador team are all role models and rising stars. They have each made a personal commitment to help with targeted messaging to young people about careers in our sector. Our individual Founder Advisors are leaders in their chosen specialist area of Marketing, PR and Communications. They  champion the Ambassadors and help ensure that our initiatives are taken into businesses. Our case study series ‘Where are they Now’ shines a light on our Ambassador’s  career stories.

f1 was founded in 2004 by Amanda Fone. Over the last 13 years f1 has become one of the best connected recruitment consultancies in marketing & communications in London, finding career moves for people here and all over the world. We work with agencies and in-house teams of some of the world’s most loved brands in all industry sectors and across all marketing, communications & sponsorship disciplines.
At Brands with Values we believe that its is our values that drive us. That’s why understanding and communicating the values that motivate our perspectives, decisions and behaviours, both as individuals and communities is key to our process at Brands with Values. We work across culture, behaviour and communications helping organisations to unearth, embed and articulate their values internally and externally. Driving change.

What we do

Our Mission is to increase the number of people from BAME backgrounds working and having successful careers in the marketing and communications industry

How we do it

We inspire interest by showcasing the many and varied career paths inside the Sector and shining a light on BAME success stories

Why we do it

We want to challenge the belief that the marketing and communications industry is not seen as a serious career option for BAME graduates & school leavers