Our aim is for 20% of all marketing, communications & sports sponsorship marketing  professionals to come from  black, Asian, minority ethnic communities. And for this 20% to stay in our industry until they reach the very top jobs.

What we do

Our Mission is to increase the number of people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities working and having successful careers in the marketing, sports marketing and communications industry.

How we do it

We showcase the many and varied career paths inside the Sector and shine a light on black, Asian and minority ethnic community success stories. Our programmes discuss and look for solutions for attrition rates and retention of talent in the sector.

Why we do it

We want to challenge the belief that the marketing and communications industry isn’t seen as a serious career option for black, Asian and minority ethnic graduates & school leavers. We want to spark debate about retention of talent from minority communities in the sector.


Every academic year the NoTurningBack2020  Early Careers Outreach Ambassador teams present to schools, colleges and universities across the UK. Our target audience are from the following communities; 75% state school, 75% black, Asian, minority ethnic, 40% first generation university and 35% on free school meals. During the academic year 2023-24 we expect to present to 2,000 students across the UK.

The NTB2020  Ambassador team are all role models and rising stars. They are 1-5 years into their careers and help to inspire interest in Marketing, Communications, PR & Sports Marketing by showcasing their varied career paths inside the sector. They shine a light on black, Asian, minority ethnic success stories. They have each made a personal commitment to help with targeted messaging to young people about careers in our sector. Click here to find out more about nominating someone from your company to be a NTB2020 young Ambassador.


In January 2021 we launched the NoTurningBack2020  Early Careers  Zone for companies to show case their EDI initiatives and early careers roles at entry level up to salaries of £35,000.  There are over 2000 young people signed up to the Careers  Zone (growing every month) that receive Job Alerts as soon as a role is posted. Many of these young people have been to one of our schools & college talks or seen us on social media.  The Early Careers  zone is for companies that are committed to increasing the diversity of their work force. You can sign up here.



Board level and leadership roles within marketing, sports marketing and the communications sectors continue to be dominated by Caucasian males. There is still a lack of representation of black, Asian, minority ethnic communities and women in leadership roles. This leads to a belief that these top positions are not accessible. Our sector loses hundreds of talented practitioners year after year often at the 5 -10 years experience level.

‘Lets be Bolder about the Subject of Race – The Ambassadors’ Voice’

Many black, Asian, minority ethnic professionals talk openly about their love of our sector but their lack of belief in being able to ‘develop their careers inside it’. In 2024 we will be holding Let’s Be Bolder about the Subject of Race Events in June and November. If you would like an invitation please email noturningback2020@f1recruitment.com


NoTurningBack2020 Advisors are leaders in their chosen specialist area of Marketing, PR, Media, Communications and Sports Marketing. They champion the Ambassadors and help ensure that our initiatives are taken into businesses.

To find out more about becoming an Advisor click here.



Now in its 11th year, the programme is aimed at returning parents and carers who have been out of the workplace for a minimum of 3-5 years. Up to 40% of the delegates are from black, Asian, minority ethnic and lower socio economic communities.

The 6 day annual bootcamp includes a range of coaching and training sessions led by senior industry professionals as well as case studies and presentations by inspirational women (and men) who have returned to the workplace successfully after a career break raising a family or for other caring reasons.

Over 350 delegates have already graduated from the programme since 2013 and secured roles at top marketing and communications companies and blue chip organisations.

For more information about the programme and to apply for a place please click here.